The overwhelming majority of these songs came as a response to material generated by collaborators who, in giving me the chance to help tell their stories, have provided me with my composer's education thus far. I'm deeply grateful to each of them.


Music + Video



DRAMA DESK AWARD NOMINATION (2016) - Outstanding Music in a Play
(2016 Winner: Philip Glass)



PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY (59E59 / OYL / Edinburgh Fringe), Composer / Ensemble Performer:

New York Times Critics’ Pick “An elegantly constructed examination of contemporary isolation and the illusory nature of electronic connection... A live score (written and played by Estelle Bajou on mandolin) keeps any electronic coldness at bay.” (Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times)

“Underscoring the action there's a terrifically effective musical soundtrack that fuses an electric sound with what almost sounds like gentle folk (played by composer Estelle Bajou who sits to one side of the playing area).” (Andy Propst, American Theater Web)

“Next to the stage sits a musician, Estelle Bajou, playing mandolin, as she provides the original musical sequences that move the piece emotionally.” (Sandi Durell, Theater Pizzazz)

BENEATH DISHEVELED STARS (Feature Film, Mangu Productions), Composer:

“A terrific original score by Estelle Bajou that transports the audience to Ireland as well as an Ireland of the mind.” (Izzy Cusack, Free Craic)

ONCE (Broadway, First National Tour), Actor / Singer / Violinist:

“[Bajou] blended into the performance seamlessly...the audience gave a standing ovation.” (Kim Nursall, The Toronto Star)

SOOT AND SPIT (The New Ohio / Our Voices Theater), Actor / Singer / Violinist:

New York Times Critics’ Pick, “A strange and lovely thing…With moving vehemence Soot and Spit...conjures Castle's world and work in a beautifully designed, dreamily evocative production. Our Voices Theater puts its money where its mouth is, casting-wise, nudging us to consider more deeply the notion of artists who don’t fit the standard mold." (Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times).  

“Beautiful and honest.” (Rachel Kolb, Ludus)

“Powerful… Nothing short of stunning. The experience is rich and singular… Every member of the stellar cast gives a full, vibrant performance.” (Adrienne Sowers, The Reviews Hub)

“A compassionate exploration of otherness… At once entertaining and heartbreaking.” (Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy)

“Really moving.” (Tony Kushner, Pulitzer, Tony, and Emmy-winner.)

MOTHER COURAGE (Harold Clurman Lab Theater), Actor / Singer / Violinist:

"Estelle Bajou as the feral Eiliff is stunning and tear-jerking… The entire ensemble is primal." (Monica Charline Brown, Theater Pizzazz)

STOCKHOLM (59E59 / OYL), Composer:

“Descends into pitch darkness by carefully measured degrees… The designers have created an environment that credibly morphs from yuppie playpen into house of horrors.” (Ben Brantley, The New York Times)

SKIN TIGHT (59E59 / OYL), Composer:

“Fiery and fantastical...exhilarating.” (Eric Sundermann, The Village Voice)

“Intense and alive… Sensual and passionate.” (Catherine Rampell, The New York Times)

THE NIGHT ALIVE (Shadowland Stages), Composer / Actor:

"Music composed by the multi-talented Estelle Bajou is ominous and haunting." (Lori Schneider, Aisle Seat)


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